1 Whale & 50 Salmon

1 Whale & 50 Salmon, 2014

- Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver BC

Who we are depends on where we live and what we eat.  Humans enjoy eating a wide variety of food from both and and sea.  Wild pacific salmon start out eating zooplankton and larvae, then go on to eat krill and herring.  However, Southern and northern resident orcas only eat wild pacific salmon...period.

This installation, 1 Whale & 50 Salmon, incorporates historic 19th century wood engravings of 'killer whales' and salmon, and the names and pod designations of the Southern Resident Orcas living in our local waters. 

1 Whale & 50 Salmon is one part of an ongoing project conceived and directed by Anna Gustafson, Ghost Salmon.

Individual panels (size variable) inspired by this installation can be commissioned.  Contact Anna Gustafson

  • 250-537-0754
  • bluehorse@saltspring.com



        Field Notes, 2014            50" x 16"

        Field Notes, 2014            50" x 16"

       1 Whale & 50 Salmon,  2014      

  • size of panels in inches:  24 x 24,  24 x 36,  24 x 48,  36 x 36
  • beeswax
  • natural pigments: graphite,  red and black iron oxide
  • plexiglass 


Photographs by Sophia Burke