Artist Statement

My artistic practice fuses a spare aesthetic with a sincere use of materials, to create narratives resonating with synergy between idea, material and treatment. The resulting work intrigues, engages and invites questioning and participation. My projects broadly address the imperative of survival and personal perseverance, with specific themes of communication, historical connections, scientific discoveries and their resulting consequences.

I chooseto work with a restricted palette, primarily created with natural materials, such as paper, wood, plaster, beeswax, graphite and rust. In combination these materials have a quality of high tactility with a contrasting luminosity.  Fused with video and sound, the resulting experience draws the viewer into an experience embracing multiple senses.


Anna Gustafson lives and works on Salt Spring Island BC Canada.




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  • anna@anna-gustafson.com
  • 250-537-0754




Since graduating from Emily Carr (Vancouver School of Art) in the 1970's,  Anna Gustafson has created and exhibited installations in public galleries in from Victoria to Winnipeg and as far north as Haida Gwaii.

She takes on serious themes shared by a number of post-modern artists, from environmental and botanical  concerns (including the interface between nature




 and culture) to map-making, human interconnectedness, and verbal and non-verbal systems of communication.

Her idea-driven art smudges the line between art, craft, and design. In addition to her recent explorations of the encaustic medium, Gustafson has worked  with a range of materials, including wood, glass, fabric, and clay, each deployed as her individual projects have demanded.



Once her research and her deep feelings for her subject matter are matched with her chosen material,  Anna Gustafson utilizes her  hands-on facility, and refined approach to line, colour, and form, to communicate her concept to her audience with both intelligence and emotion.