artist statement

Environment is a term that creates no pictures in the mind… George Monbiot

Working at the intersection of nature, human activity and decision making, I seek to expand and integrate all three “parts” into a holistic foundation. To move from indifference and denial to engaged and effective action, I research history, science, learning methods and communication with an emphasis on profligate waste.

My artistic practice combines a spare aesthetic with a sincere use of materials and rigorous methodology to create narratives that resonate with synergy between idea, material and technique. I choose to work with a limited palette and a restricted vocabulary of natural materials, found objects and then edit to the essential elements.

Three years ago a series of circumstances forever changed the trajectory of my work:

  • Researching resource extraction—primarily for energy.

  • Scouring thrift stores for electric frying pans—to melt beeswax for my work.

  • While cobbling together a base for a maquette with leftover rigid foam and toothpicks I pinned an old sheet over my odd trapezoid—then stitched tightly around the edge. Though desperate to be done with this tedious task of hand-sewing—I was forced to slow down and observe—so perceived that this rigid foam retrieved from the trash had been transformed.

There is something important in this process - pay attention.

I couldn't envision a future of sewing sheets around strangely shaped chunks of rigid foam, but my need to explore this activity brought to mind a few things on their way to recycling. Could I encase the electric fryer with cloth and stitches? The wok? Iron? Thus I found myself back at the thrift stores gathering more discarded small appliances. 

The single-use plastic containers in the recycling bin then called out to me. Though I already had plenty to explore, I realized that the issue of single-use plastic is a problem equal to, if not a greater hazard.

What was I doing?

Reading, I learned that for centuries, we honoured and prepared our dead for burial by washing their bodies and enshrouding them in linen. That time past had a different ethos, we and everything we made was reclaimed by the earth.

Now I enshroud an iota of the remains of our rapacious consumer culture and our rapidly redundant technology.   I honour them as individuals while acknowledging the sacrifice that is required for their manufacture and disposal, and to manifest the burden we continue to create for ourselves and the future.

Tower of Antiquities -  detail

Tower of Antiquities - detail

Remote -  detail

Remote - detail