The Heart of the Matter


The Heart of the Matter, ongoing - begun 2015

One Chapter from The System Is Not Fool Proof

The Heart of the Matter

Introduces us to wild animals that have been affected by habitat loss, and end up in Wildlife Rescue facilities.  Instead of using distractingly anthropomorphic images, I choose to expose the visitor to the bones of these diverse creatures, with radiographs on X-Ray viewers.  Visitors walking through a ‘forest’ of X-Ray viewers gaze into the animal’s inner structures, similar to ours, yet so different.

Heart beats communicate the blood flow of a being’s vital life force.  Is there a better way to connect to another, than to hear the beating of its heart?  ‘Switch boards’ throughout the ‘forest’ will allow viewers to plug in head phones, and switch a toggle, to hear the heart beat of these individuals, illuminated by their radiographs.






         The Heart of the Matter                 ongoing - begun 2015                

  • radiographs of wildlife in rescue facilities
  • used x-ray illuminators


New England Aquarium